Congressman Ron Paul wants you to be scared

Many Ron-Paul supporter believe 9-11 was am Inside Job.

Many Ron-Paul supporter believe 9-11 was an Inside Job.

Just like “9/11 was an inside job” like belief held by so many of  Ron Paul’s supporters Newsweek article debunking the myth of ‘North American Superhighway’ drew huge fire from Ron Paul supporters. Some Ron Paul supporting bloggers described the Newsweek article as ‘hit piece’. The governments of Mexico, the US and Canada has put out updates on myth busting facts on Ron Paul and his supporters’ belief of ‘North American Superhighway’ here:

Here is an excerpt from Newsweek article.

“Ron Paul wants you to be scared. There’s a conspiracy in the land—what he calls a “conspiracy of ideas”—to give up America’s sovereignty………

Like all good conspiracies, the NAFTA superhighway is a strange stew of fact and fiction, fired by paranoia. There is a big road planned. It’s called the Trans-Texas Corridor. The idea was unveiled in 2002 by GOP Gov. Rick Perry. And it’s true the corridor was originally designed to be 1,200 feet wide, including a highway for vehicles, railway lines, petroleum pipes, electricity and water lines and broadband fiber optics. (It’s since been scaled back slightly.) A considerable swath of Texas land, perhaps as much as a half-million acres, will be taken by eminent domain.

It’s also true that more than one organization wants to improve commerce between North American countries. The “unholy alliance” Paul speaks of is the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). It was launched in 2005 by the heads of state of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Part of the SPP mandate is to increase security cooperation against terror threats. It also aims to improve trade. But much of the home page of the SPP Web site is devoted to “Myth vs. Fact.” It dispels tales about a “secret plan” to build a superhighway.”

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